Innovative Forum

  • 1. Fr. Patras Tirkey(Convenor)
  • 2. Fr. RijoMechery (Secretary)
  • 3. Fr. Joseph Kailamangalam
  • 4. Fr. John Dive
  • 5. Fr. David Paul
  • 6. Fr. Sylvester Kullu
  • 7. Bro. John Ruptake
  • 8. Fr. Michael D'Souza
  • 9. Fr. Christopher Lakra
  • 10. Fr. IssacMankulathil
  • 11. Fr. ShantwanKhutekar
  • 12. Fr. Joseph Arulraj
  • 13. Fr. Anto Thomas
  • 14. Fr. Anand Kullu
  • 15. Fr. Telesfor Lakra
  • 16. Fr. Francis Venmenikattayil
  • 17. Fr. Thomas Kuttiankal
  • 18. Fr. Emmanuel Vattamattam
  • 19. Fr. Peter Paul
  • 20. Fr. Jacob K
  • 21. Fr. Lijohn K Jose
  • 22. Fr. Lalji Pattathil
  • 23. Fr. Sudir Kujur
  • 24. Fr. Stephen Soares

Hands in action are better than praying hands.The members of the Innovative and Social Forum of Nagpur Province met for their meeting on 11th and 12th February 2018. To have a fruitful meeting God’s blessing was prayed for during the half hour adoration, meaningfully conducted by Fr Christopher. The first session began with Fr Patras Tirkey [PCIC] extending a warm welcome to all the members present, especially to Fr Agnelo Fernandes, [GCIC] of the forum. Fr Lijohn welcomed Sr. Suma M.C. who was the speaker for the day and requested her to enlighten us. True to her charism she inspired all of us. She spoke at length about St. Mother Teresa and her simple ways of starting a mission. She enumerated several examples and incidents of Mother Teresa and kept the listeners spellbound. The root of social work is to feed the hungry and take care of the sick and suffering. At the end what we could gather from her motivational talk is the need to love one another as Jesus has loved us. There could not have been a better choice than Sr. Suma to inspire the participants on the topic.

Then Fr. Agnelo Fernandes spoke to the group regarding the common concerns of our Province. He also encouraged all to continue the good work that they have begun and strengthen the social centres which have been started. Members shared about their ministries and whatever they are doing. It was realized that most of the members are engaged in other ministries than social ministry. But in whatever ministry we are able to do a little social work was appreciated. During this meeting no new proposals were made but whatever proposals were made in the previous meetings were discussed. It was decided to take up two important proposals seriously.

I) To strengthen the already existing Social Centre at Khamgaon.

II) To start a new society named Manav Vikash Society in Bargaon to mobilize monetary resources for social work. All spoke well in the meeting and decided to do some good work in the social field. We hope that our enthusiasm will not be dampened, and the social ministry will take good shape in the years to come so that our Nagpur Province will have something positive to be proud about. The meeting ended with a special word of thanks to Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, Fr. Muthuswamy and the Provincialate community. All the members were thanked for their presence and contribution.