Formation Forum

  • 1. Fr. Lalit Tigga(Convenor)
  • 2. Fr. Paul Varambinakam(Secretary)
  • 3. Fr. Benedict De Souza
  • 4. Fr. Austin Correia
  • 5. Fr. L Yesudoss
  • 6. Fr. Joseph Pulloppillil
  • 7. Fr. Pius Gonsalves
  • 8. Fr. CyriacVelikattel
  • 9. Fr. ScariaKadamkulam
  • 10. Fr. Sandeep Tirkey
  • 11. Fr. Arun P
  • 12. Fr. Charles
  • 13. Fr. Arun Kumar Ekka
  • 14. Fr. Daniel Bara
  • 15. Fr. Nobit Kombanathottathil
  • 16. Fr. Jomon Mathew
  • 17. Fr. John Peter
  • 18. Fr. Joseph Plathottam
  • 19. Fr. Alex Tigga
  • 20. Fr. JinsKarakadayil

The Formation Forum meeting was held on 15th and 16th February 2018. To invoke God’s blessings Fr. Sandeep Tirkey conducted a prayer service, which included a bhajan and reading of the passage Mt 5:13-16. The meeting was formally inaugurated by the lighting of the lamp. Fr. Lalit Tigga, the PCIF, extended a cordial welcome to the General Councilor Fr. Noel Rebello, the Fr. Provincial and all the participants.

Fr. Provincial emphasized the important role of vocation promoters and formators for the future of the Province. Then Fr. Noel in a very systematic way explained about the progress of development of Graded Formation of the Congregation. The Forum members made a critical study of the draft of Graded Formation which was edited by Fr. Isaac. Each of the six chapters were read and reflected upon - Vocation Promotion, Orientation, Postulancy, Pre-Novitiate, Novitiate and Regency. They gave some feedback and suggestions to be incorporated for the improvement of the draft. In the evening the members participated in the Way of the Cross.

The next day in the first session, Fr. Isaac meticulously explained about the process regarding the cause of our Founder; steps leading to his canonization. He urged the members to promote devotion to our Founder, Fr. Peter Mermier. In the second session, the reports were read of our two minor seminaries - Divya Jyoti Ashram, Latapara and Prakash Bhavan, Mannarkkad and of our Novitiate in Varanasi. After this, the Provincial Congress action plan was read. To conclude the meeting Fr. Daniel Bara proposed the vote of thank and wished all the participants the very best in this important mission of shaping the future of the Province.