"When you encounter difficulties and contradictions, do not try to break them, but bend them with gentleness and time."

If you want to assist at Mass, with devotion and with fruit, think of the sorrowful Mother at the feet of Calvary.

"Bad temper, sadness, a certain bitterness of heart when the will consent to it, could be called the eighth capital sin, so hurtful is it for ourselves and for those with whom we live."

Be the reason someone belives in the goodness of people.


To be a religious with the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales, a builder of Communities, a sower of God's Word, an enlightened guide of his student's, and a formator in the spirit of St. Francis de Sales.


To pass on the Love of God and gentlelness to the world and to bring about renewal of Christian life, by preaching parish missions, evangelizing people and educating the youth.


To live in a religious community in order to continue the missionary task of the Church and to live the spirit and spirituality of St. Francis de Sales (Contitutions: Prologue no.C and Article 7). Our Founder, Ft Peter Mermier, chose to express our CHARISM through the Apostolate for the renewal of christian Faith through the parish mission preaching Apostolate Overseas and Pioneering evangelization and Apostolate of Education and Formation, especially of the Young(MSFS Contitutions Art. 22).The Comman thread that runs through our apostolates, Coming from the Spirituality of St.Francis de Sales, is the renewal of the faith of those entrusted to our Pastoral Care.
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