10 Oct 2019

Golden Jubilee of Mrs. Laxmi Andrew

On 10th October, St. John’s Community celebrated with joy the Golden Jubilee of Mrs. Laxmi’s dedicated service in St. John’s kitchen. All members of the MSFS Apostolic Community of Nagpur, the Holy Cross sisters and the near and dear ones of Mrs. Laxmi joined in praising God for this great milestone of her life of service.

The Thanksgiving Mass was held at St. John’s Chapel. The main celebrant was Fr. Melroy and the homily was preached by Fr. Muthuswamy. In his introduction Fr. Melroy shared a dialogue between Fr. Mermier and Mrs. Laxmi, a true daughter of his, who served his sons for the past 50 years and spent many years working with his daughters.


1.     Fr. Mermier: “I want mission.”     Laxmi: “I want kitchen.”

2.     Fr. Mermier: “I love my mission.”   Laxmi: “I love my kitchen.”

3.     Fr. Mermier: “I will do my best to make my mission a success.”  

Laxmi: “I will do my best  to make my cooking a success.”

4.     Fr. Mermier: “I will ensure that my presence will make all to enjoy community life.”

Laxmi: “I will ensure that my cooking will make the community members happy and


5.     Fr. Mermier: “I and my brothers will practice the Salesian virtue of hospitality, so that others feel happy to come to our community.”                                             

      Laxmi: “I and my co-workers will practice the Salesian virtues of availability and loving

service, so that guests will keep coming again and again.”

6.     Fr. Mermier: “I and my brothers will preach good, sound Catholic doctrine to strengthen

the faith of the people we are sent to.”                                                      

Laxmi: “I and my co-workers will serve good, tasty dishes so that the members are well

nourished and active in their educational, social and pastoral service.” 

7.     Fr. Mermier: “I will continue praying for my brothers so that the mission continues to

spread and grow.”  

Laxmi: “I will continue cooking for your sons so that they have energy to serve.”

           Fr. Mermier smiled and said; “Laxmi you are doing a very noble task. God bless you and

           your family members.”


After the mass Mrs. Laxmi was welcomed to the dining room by showering of rose petals. Fr. Viwas was the M.C. for the felicitation program. After the words of welcome, Mrs. Laxmi cut the cake and all sang congratulations to her. She was felicitated with a shawl by the Provincial and given a bouquet and a gift by the community members. As soup and snacks were being enjoyed on the screen was shown glimpses of her life of service. Mrs. Laxmi in her choked voice expressed her gratitude to the members of St. John’s community for organizing such a meaningful program. Fr. Telespore gave the vote of thanks and all enjoyed the delicious meal.  

Mrs. Laxmi is a person of strong faith and ardent in her commitment. Her perseverance and total dedication to her mission in the kitchen is greatly admired by all. Alfred Lord Tennyson in his poem “The Brook” wrote; “Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever.” Mrs. Laxmi can rightly say; “Fathers and brothers will come and go but I will go on serving, till the Lord desires.” May God bless her with good health and true peace and joy, as she continues on her life’s journey of loving, dedicated service in St. John’s kitchen. Fr. Melroy Almeida MSFS

22 Sep 2019

Colloquium of Mozambique Delegation

A religious community is a group of persons living together, knowing and loving one another. This is the earthly version of the Kingdom of God. Jesus said to His disciples, “Come away by yourselves to a lonely place and rest for a while.” (Mk 6:31) In the context of the return of the seventy-two, this call of Jesus could mean that He was calling his disciples for some rest, after the completion of the mission entrusted to them. On the other hand we can also say that Jesus was asking His disciples to gather at a lonely place so that they could possibly evaluate their Mission Experience. Whether they had fulfilled the original mandate they were sent to accomplish. 


In the light of this need, the members of the Mozambique Delegation gathered at Casa Fransaliana, Matola, Mozambique, for the Colloquium-2019, from 22nd - 25th September. It was a gathering to assess, to evaluate, to straighten the curves and to re-dedicate ourselves to the ‘Mission Mozambique.’ The theme of the Colloquium was ‘MSFS ON THE THRESHOLD OF HOPE FOR A PROGRESSIVE MISSION IN MOZAMBIQUE.’ The assembly began on 22nd evening with the introductory and recollection talk given by Fr. Henry, the Delegation Superior. The key-note address was delivered by Fr. Joseph Puliyilakat, of the Southern-African Region. The total number of participants was 19. We were happy to have the guiding presence of the Provincial, Rev. Fr. J.B. Muthuswamy. A well-planned schedule was prepared for the smooth flow of the Colloquium. Each day had a theme in line with our MSFS Constitutions.


Fr. Petrus Tirkey, the outgoing Delegation Superior shared his report. This was followed by reports of the four forums - Mission, Formation, Education and Social-Innovative Ministries. Then the collated report of the questionnaire and the financial report were presented. For the first time, the election of the Councilors/Advisors and Bursar of the Delegation was held by secret ballot. A special session was held to reflect and discuss on the Call of the General Chapter-2019. On the last day of the Colloquium, Founder’s Day was celebrated. A few benefactors of the Delegation were also present for the festive meal.


Martin Luther King Jr. once said; “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” As a community of Jesus’ disciples, we the MSFS in Mozambique, have decided to carry on the vision and mission of Jesus actively in accordance with the decisions of the Colloquium-2019. To those who ask the question, “Is there any hope for progress in Mozambique Mission?” our answer is a resounding Yes. In Christ there is always hope. A hope for progress echoing in the hearts and minds of all the members of the Mozambique Delegation.  Fr. Melky MSFS

30 Jul 2019

WCRI Meeting

25 Jul 2019

Seminar for Priests

An update programme for those who were ordained between 1995 and 2009 was held from 25th to 27th July 2019 at the MSFS Provincialate, Nagpur. There were 24 participants and the resource person was Dr. Fr. Philip Thomas MSFS of North East Province. The Provincial, Fr. Muthuswamy and the former Superior General, Fr. Agnelo were present for the inaugural session that was       held on 25/7/19 at 9 am in the conference hall. It began with a short prayer service and lighting of the lamp. Fr. William introduced the speaker of the day and welcomed the dignitaries with bouquet of flowers.




Day 1: The session began with the topic - Personal Empowerment for Effective Pastoral Leadership. Fr. Philip dealt with the following topics: Who is a pastor? What are the qualities of a Pastor? He is a man of God and an integrated person

·        Leadership Behaviour – is it centred on tasks or relationships?

·        Pastoral Leadership - Personality Characteristics

·        Creative Dimensions of Leadership

·        Nine Styles of Leadership: 1) Strategic Leader; 2) Transactional Leader; 3) Visionary Leader; 4) Moral Leader; 5) Empowering Leader; 6) Charismatic Leader; 7) Customer Care Leader, 8) Entrepreneurial Leader; 9) Innovative Leader

A Psychological test was conducted to find out the leadership behaviour of each participant.





Day 2: The session started with the topic - Transformative Leadership.

During the day he dealt with the following:

·        How to form the best model of Transformative Leadership?

We need to integrate all the positive aspects of the 9 leadership styles.

·        Jesus as a Transformative Leader

·      Competencies and Skills needed to be an Effective Leader: Communication Skills; Emotional Intelligence; Wounded Healer; Self-awareness and Foresight; Individual Discernment; Time Management; Stewardship; Shepherding; Commitment to the Growth of People; Care Formation; Conflict Management.

·        Attitudes for a Leader: Personal and Inter-Personal

·        Reasons for Conflict: Upbringing - Faulty parenting; Self-image of the person; Unmet needs creating a psychic hole; Emotions not integrated.

·        5 Styles of Conflict Management: Competitive Style; Avoidant Style; Accommodative Style; Compromising Style; Collaborative Style.

·      A psychological test was conducted to find out how one acts when in a conflict. The day concluded with the topic Team Building. With the help of 3 PPTs Fr. Philip led the participants to deeper reflection.



Day 3: The session started with the subject - How do we Respond to People? There are 5 Types of Responses: 1) Evaluating / Advising; 2) Interpreting /Analysing; 3) Supporting / Reassuring; 4) Probing / Questioning; 5) Understanding Statement.

The second session was on the topic - Midlife Transition.

He dealt with the following:

·        Common symptoms of midlife transition.

·        Major problems of midlife: Loneliness, Stress, Frustration and Modernisation.

·        Two Challenges: 1) Sexual revolution in present day society.

                            2) Challenges of adult development in midlife transition

·        Psycho-Sexual Growth and Unhealthy Development

·        Integration Animus-Anima; Masculine and Feminine Characteristics

The update programme was highly appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed by the participants. It concluded on 27th with a photo session followed by lunch. Confreres of the Nagpur Apostolic Community joined for the sumptuous lunch. Fr. Shijumon proposed the vote of thanks. Fr. Wilson Abraham MSFS

22 Jul 2019

Innaguration of SFS School, Bamra

An educational institution in Bamra, Odisha was a long-cherished dream of Nagpur Fransalian Corporation. For this purpose the land was purchased way back in 1997. The project was finalised in 2017 by the Provincial Administration. From 17th July 2018 Fr. Jacob Karamakuzhyil msfs was appointed as priest in charge of Bamra project. Later Bro. Amrit Kujur; and Sr. Jyoti Minz and Sr. Rosita Kerketta of St. Joseph of Chambery joined the mission. On 18th March 2019 with a simple prayer service, classes from nursery to 5 and a hostel for boys and girls started. This marked the beginning of another Fransalian school, the first of its kind in Sambalpur district, Odisha.


22nd July 2019 was a red-letter day in the history of Bamra Mission. On this 50th working day for about 300 students and 26 staff, the school was formally inaugurated.  At 9.00 am students lined up outside the gate and welcomed the guests and parents. The Inaugural Ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp by Rt. Rev. Niranjan Sualsingh, the Bishop of Sambalpur Diocese, Fr. John Britto Muthuswamy msfs, the Provincial of Nagpur Province, Fr. Agnelo Fernandes msfs and other specially invited guests. This was followed by a prayer dance put up by the students of classes 1 to 3. The school community then welcomed the Chief Guest, the Guest of Honour and the special guests by presentation them with bouquets. Bishop Niranjan Sualsingh conducted the prayer service and blessed the school building. Then the school was inaugurated by Fr. Muthuswamy by cutting the ribbon at the main entrance of the school and unveiling of the plaque. Students of classes 4 and 5 entertained the audience with a spectacular cultural dance depicting the life of rural Odisha. The entire program was well coordinated by the Students Leadership Squad.


In his address Bishop Niranjan Sualsingh said that a good English Medium School was an urgent need in Bamra as no good school is located near Bamra. He said that the school which is only two months old does not seem to lack anything when compared to many established schools. Fr. Muthuswamy wished the school community God’s blessings for all the educational activities that will be done in future. He thanked Fr Jacob Karamakuzhyil for his pioneering work and said that the school is now in the safe hands of the new but experienced Principal, Fr. George Kurickal. Mrs. Meenakshi Mahji, the Sarpanch of Govindpur, Bamra, wished that the school will do everything possible for the education of children from economically underprivileged background, especially for the S.C. and S. T. children. 


Sr. Jyoti Minz proposed the vote of thanks and Fr. Jacob Karamakuzyil honoured all the guests by presenting each with a shawl. The contractor Mr. Jaison and the architect Mr. Parag Date were especially honoured along with other officials of Surya Construction Company.  At 11.30 the inaugural ceremony concluded with the singing of the School Anthem. In the afternoon, in the presence of the MSFS Odisha Apostolic Community, Fr. Muthuswamy blessed Mermier’s Children Home, which is near the priests’ residence.  Fr. George Kurickal MSFS