22 Jul 2019

Innaguration of SFS School, Bamra

An educational institution in Bamra, Odisha was a long-cherished dream of Nagpur Fransalian Corporation. For this purpose the land was purchased way back in 1997. The project was finalised in 2017 by the Provincial Administration. From 17th July 2018 Fr. Jacob Karamakuzhyil msfs was appointed as priest in charge of Bamra project. Later Bro. Amrit Kujur; and Sr. Jyoti Minz and Sr. Rosita Kerketta of St. Joseph of Chambery joined the mission. On 18th March 2019 with a simple prayer service, classes from nursery to 5 and a hostel for boys and girls started. This marked the beginning of another Fransalian school, the first of its kind in Sambalpur district, Odisha.


22nd July 2019 was a red-letter day in the history of Bamra Mission. On this 50th working day for about 300 students and 26 staff, the school was formally inaugurated.  At 9.00 am students lined up outside the gate and welcomed the guests and parents. The Inaugural Ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp by Rt. Rev. Niranjan Sualsingh, the Bishop of Sambalpur Diocese, Fr. John Britto Muthuswamy msfs, the Provincial of Nagpur Province, Fr. Agnelo Fernandes msfs and other specially invited guests. This was followed by a prayer dance put up by the students of classes 1 to 3. The school community then welcomed the Chief Guest, the Guest of Honour and the special guests by presentation them with bouquets. Bishop Niranjan Sualsingh conducted the prayer service and blessed the school building. Then the school was inaugurated by Fr. Muthuswamy by cutting the ribbon at the main entrance of the school and unveiling of the plaque. Students of classes 4 and 5 entertained the audience with a spectacular cultural dance depicting the life of rural Odisha. The entire program was well coordinated by the Students Leadership Squad.


In his address Bishop Niranjan Sualsingh said that a good English Medium School was an urgent need in Bamra as no good school is located near Bamra. He said that the school which is only two months old does not seem to lack anything when compared to many established schools. Fr. Muthuswamy wished the school community God’s blessings for all the educational activities that will be done in future. He thanked Fr Jacob Karamakuzhyil for his pioneering work and said that the school is now in the safe hands of the new but experienced Principal, Fr. George Kurickal. Mrs. Meenakshi Mahji, the Sarpanch of Govindpur, Bamra, wished that the school will do everything possible for the education of children from economically underprivileged background, especially for the S.C. and S. T. children. 


Sr. Jyoti Minz proposed the vote of thanks and Fr. Jacob Karamakuzyil honoured all the guests by presenting each with a shawl. The contractor Mr. Jaison and the architect Mr. Parag Date were especially honoured along with other officials of Surya Construction Company.  At 11.30 the inaugural ceremony concluded with the singing of the School Anthem. In the afternoon, in the presence of the MSFS Odisha Apostolic Community, Fr. Muthuswamy blessed Mermier’s Children Home, which is near the priests’ residence.  Fr. George Kurickal MSFS

11 Jul 2019

Pre- SPA Programme

The Pre-SPA (Salesian Programme Annecy) was conducted in the Nagpur Provincialate from 4th to 11th July 2019. The participants of the programme were: Fr. Badugu Thambi Raj (Visakhapatnam), Fr. Ashihe Andrew (North-East), Fr. I. S. Jesuraj (South-East), Fr. A. Prashant Kumar (South-West) and Fr. Jijo Punchayil (Nagpur- Mozambique). It was animated by Fr. Agnelo Fernandes, Fr. Melroy Almeida, Fr. Philip K and Fr. Issac John. The inaugural programme began with a short prayer service. The hymn to the Holy Spirit put all in the mood of seeking the Wisdom of God, launching into the deep and thirsting for the unknown. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by Fr. Agnelo F, Fr. Patras Tirkey the Provincial Vicar and Fr. Melroy.


Fr. William formally welcomed all the participants to the city of Oranges and the second home of the MSFS in India by offering them a bouquet each. Fr. Patras exhorted the participants to live up to the expectations of the Congregation. “There is so much to see, so much to learn, so go with an open mind.” This was followed by an overview of the programme given by Fr. Issac. The participants were made aware of the objectives of Pre-SPA, expectations during SPA and commitments to be made after SPA to spread Salesian Spirituality. The inaugural Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Agnelo on 5th July. He exhorted the participants to discover the treasures in Salesian Spirituality and Mermierean Heritage.


The programme was spread over eight days with four Salesian conferences each day. Various aspects related to the Congregation were touched upon during these conferences. Fr. Agnelo enlightened the participants on the Missionary Spirit of the French Missionaries; the Spirit of Evangelization, Salesian Spirituality, etc. The participants were able to journey with him through the missionary legacy of the Congregation. Fr. Melroy dealt with Fr. Mermier; his Missionary Legacy and the Virtues of Mermier. Fr. Issac highlighted various aspects related to St. Francis de Sales; a comparative study of Salesians personalities, etc. Fr. Philip enlightened the participants about Salesian literature, especially the Treatise on The Love of God. The participants were taken to many MSFS historical heritage sites in and around Nagpur. Visiting the Kamptee church evoked a nostalgic feeling in them. The concluding Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. William. The participants honoured the resource persons and others with a gift as a sign of their gratitude. The Pre-SPA program helped to create within the participants an awareness of Salesian spirituality. They were convinced that SPA will help them to rekindle their love for the Church by learning about St. Francis de Sales and Fr. Peter Mermier.  Fr. Isaac John MSFS

17 Jun 2019

Doctorate Program of Fr Domy Thomas

Fr. Domy Thomas, after completing his Licentiate in Canon Law in St. Peter`s Pontifical Seminary, Bangalore, joined the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome on 5th September 2016 to do his doctorate in canon law. During the first academic year itself he successfully completed the prerequisites required and simultaneously also studied Italian and completed B2 Level in Italian. He chose the theme of his doctoral Research by the end of the year and got it approved by the University. The title of his Research was, Juridical and Pastoral Importance of Prenuptial Investigation: A Study of CIC Canon 1067 and CCEO Canon 784 with Special Reference to India. His hard work and determination helped him to complete the research work within three years and he submitted the thesis by the end of April 2019 to the university for approval. He got his thesis approved by 20 May 2019 and his Defense was scheduled for 18 June.


Just like Fr. Domy I was also excited and nervous as I was attending a doctoral defense for the first time. Around 40 people were at the venue to witness the defense. The presence of Fr. John Britto Muthuswamy, the Provincial, Fr. Thumma Mariadas, Fr. Michael Raj, Fr. Anish George and other confreres from the MSFS community in Rome was a great encouragement for him. Many of his companions, friends and relatives in Rome also attended the defense. The defense was good and the moderators were happy with the work that was presented. Although I did not understand anything of the content presented or discussed, which was in Italian, I understood when one of the three Professors announced ´Summa cum Laude`. Fr. Domy was given 89 out of 90 marks for his Thesis and Defense. They appreciated Fr. Domy for his work and defense, awarded him the doctorate and asked him to publish the thesis either fully or partially. Indeed, it was a joyful and proud moment for the entire Congregation and especially for Nagpur Province because he is the first from the Province to obtain an ecclesiastical doctorate. After the defense and conferral of the title, Fr. Domy thanked and invited everyone for refreshments. Fr Provincial then thanked and honored the professors with Indian shawls.

Congratulations Rev. Dr. Fr. Domy Thomas! Wishing you all the very best in your future ministry. Fr. Robin Xavier MSFS

02 May 2019

Nagpur Province Remembers Fr. Armind Nazareth

May God grant eternal rest to Fr. Armind Nazareth who died on 2nd May at the age of 91 in Belgaum, Karnataka. His mortal remains are interred in the Uchgaon Catholic Cemetery, Belgaum. While missing his physical presence, we raise our grateful hearts to God for giving us a precious human gift in Father Armind. He was the Provincial of the erstwhile undivided province of Maharashtra Goa Province of which Nagpur Province, at that time, was a part. On behalf of all the confreres of Nagpur Province, I salute with great honour and esteem Fr Armind, whose legacy  in many respects, continues in our Province.


We the MSFS who knew him and worked with him admire the integrity of his life marked with simplicity, joy, gentleness and excellence. With felicitous decorum and respectful dignity he worked untiringly and generously as an educator, a formator, a provincial, a general councilor and above all as a pleasant and supportive confrere in communities to which he was assigned. Outstanding are some of his precious contributions to the life of the Congregation. After the Second Vatican Council, Father Armind played a significant role in preparing then, the draft of the Revised Constitutions. He was a joint -translator with other confreres of the two  Salesian classics , ‘The Treatise on the Love of God ‘ and ‘The Introduction to Devout Life’. His faithful presence for several years at the Salesian Seminar organized by the IIS, Bangalore and his contribution, added precious gems of Salesian reflections to the ongoing study and update by the MSFS and members of other Salesian families. The presence of the MSFS in the capital of our country, Delhi was a bold decision that he jointly took along with the Province to move to North India, in the service of the people.


A person of the caliber of Father Armind reveals a profound truth: vocation as MSFS, when lived to the full, is indeed a tremendous source of joy for oneself, and a transformative blessing and memory for generations to come. May Father Armind rest in peace.

23 Apr 2019

Inauguration of New Wing in SFS School, Nimuch.

23rd April 2019 is a red letter day in the annals of SFS School, Neemuch. On this day at 5: 00 pm, the blessing and inauguration of the newly built St. Francis de Sales Adoration Convent and the school building extension took place at the hands of Rt. Rev. Dev Prasad Ganawa SVD, Bishop of Udaipur, in the presence of Fr. Muthuswamy, Provincial of Nagpur Province, and Sr. Agnet SABS, Provincial of Jyotiremei Province. This was followed by the Holy Eucharist. The parishioners together with the dignitaries, invitees and well-wishers gave thanks to God for the endeavours of our missionaries. During the homily, the Bishop lauded the missionaries for their yeomen service for the upliftment of the people. The melodious choir was led by Sr. Divya SABS. As the Bishop of Jhabua, he had earlier blessed the school building and today he was once again present to bless the convent and the school building extension. He wished the very best to the members of both the Congregations for the good work they were rendering in this place.


Soon after the mass all the dignitaries, that is, the Bishop, Provincials, Architect, Engineer and Contractor were felicitated with a shawl and a coconut. Sr. Amla SABS was the MC of the program and the vote of thanks was given by Sr. Arpita SABS. She spoke of the dream come true and how the Lord sent various people to labour and make this dream a reality. After the program all present joined for dinner. May God bless the efforts and hard work of the MSFS and SABS as they continue to serve God and His people.  Fr. Peter Dominic MSFS