25 Jan 2020

SFS Feast

14 Jan 2020

Vocation Promotors Meeting

31 Dec 2019

Annual Province Retreat - December 2019

The Annual Province Retreat December 2019 was preached by Fr. Jacob Parappally MSFS. The Animation titled: ‘Centering on Christ and Becoming Human’, was a God given opportunity to grow in our relationship with God and with one another as a Fransalian Family. For our prayer, reflection and mediation Fr. Jacob shared with us his reflections from Rom 12/2–18. During the three talks every day, he began each talk by reading some relevant verses from this passage to put us in the right perspective of theme of the day. He inspired us to go to the Basics as given in the “Call of the General Chapter 2019”. When one is ‘Renewed at the Mind”, then one can think differently, think positively and can take decisions to be holy and effective as Fransalian confreres. Each day had a theme for one’s reflection, prayer and meditation. Fr. Jacob began by calling on us to discover the Core Identity although we may have many “Identifications”. One is made in the image of the Trinitarian God, with the Transcendence of the Father dimension in order to go beyond oneself; to be inclusive in our life and ministry as religious. One is to become present of the Holy Spirit, who is the subject of our prayer, to grow in intimacy with the Lord. One has to actualize the capacity, where in we are allowing God to make use of us, because we are not created perfect but we are created to be perfect. One’s Trinitarian identity is Christic co-identity, in that we are Christ in our own way. One has to ask what Jesus would do in that particular situation. Our prayer has to make us to become Christ: Live Jesus.


We were made aware that we are anointed by the Spirit at our Baptism, Confirmation and Ordination. Therefore, we have to break the boundaries of society and become aware of the bondages that we have. One has to shun passivity and negativity and be proactive. We have to become aware that we are interrelated and inter-connected. So every encounter is transforming.


Fr. Jacob went on to inspire us that the Trinity is the source and model of our Community. One has to become sensitive to the prejudices that we have against one another. To be born in a particular culture is not one’s choice, but we need to go beyond and transcend our limitations. He stressed on our encounter with God and challenged us so that our liturgical activities lead us to God Experience. That in turn will lead us to an “Incarnational Leadership” to be evolved in one’s life and mission. One has to be warned that the power that we get is not for domination; authority comes from the essence of one’s being.


Fr. Jacob with his expertise in Christology and with the natural ability to present matters in his most convincing and interesting style kept every participant of this retreat alert and awake. At the end, time was given to the participants to clarify their theological confusions and doubts. He called on us to be effective in our ministry and to be credible witnesses in our life as we go back to our place of presence. Kudos and thanks to the organization team of the Nagpur Apostolic Community, especially the Provincialate Community for make all the minute and personal arrangements for the annual retreat.  Fr. Benedict De Souza, MSFS 

05 Dec 2019

General Curia with Provincial Curia

30 Nov 2019

Bro. Sanjay's Diaconate

30th  November 2019 was one of those significant days to be marked in golden letters of the Fransalian Seminary history because five of the third year theologians, Bros. Anbarasu, Karbinus, Parmachand, and Surjit of Pune Province, and Bro. Sanjay of Nagpur Province were ordained Deacons.  The community along with the parents of the brothers who were to be ordained had a special adoration in the morning for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit. At 10.00 am the solemn Eucharist celebrations began by the introduction of the Deacons. The ceremony was officiated and the Deacons were ordained by Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Dabre the Bishop of Poona. Along with him Fr. Jayaseelan the Provincial of Pune Province, Fr. Kulandai Raj, the delegate of the Nagpur Provincial, Fr. Tony Pream the Councillor in Charge of Formation of Pune Province and Fr. Johnson the Rector of Fransalian Seminary were at the altar. The occasion also was graced by the MSFS priests from far and near, Rectors of the Seminaries, Professors, Religious Sisters and Brothers, Benefactor, Fransalian Associates, Family Members of the Deacons, riends and well-wishers. Fr. Rector formally welcomed the gathering and Dn. Sujit thanked all present on behalf of the five Deacons. After the Eucharistic celebrations the guests were welcomed to the well-arranged quadrangle for a short felicitation program and a fellowship meal arranged by the Fransalian Seminary community. During the program the Deacons were felicitated by the community as well as by their family members in their own traditional way. It was a day to rejoice to have five more dedicated to the service of the Lord. Dn. Sanjay Lakra MSFS