25 Nov 2019

Regional Formation Forum

21 Nov 2019

Funeral of Fr. Micky D'Souza


“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.”


Rev. Fr. Michael Bosco D’Souza lovingly known as Fr. Mickey, 84 years, left for his heavenly reward at 11.00 pm, on 21st November in Mermier Sadan, Nagpur. Months of pain, suffering and incapacitation he bore with patience and total trust in God. To those who met him he never complained about his predicament and had the inner strength to face them cheerfully.


Rev. Fr. Michael D’Souza was born on 29th September 1935 to Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Isabella at Dabul, Mombasa, Kenya. He was baptized on 12th September 1935 at Dabul and was confirmed      on 16th December 1944 at Goa.

1941-47: Primary and secondary education at Holy Cross School Bastora, Goa.

1955: completed his secondary education at SFS School, Bastora.  1958-59: Minor seminary at St. Charles, Nagpur.

1959-60: Novitiate. First Profession on 26th April 1960.

1960-62: Philosophy at Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune.

1962-63: Regency at St. John’s High School, Nagpur.

26th April 1963: Final Profession.

1963-1966: Theology at JDV, Pune.

4th November 1966: Ordained a priest at Fransalian Seminary, Pune.

He worked at the following places:

1967-75: St. Joseph Technical School, Nagpur.

1976-78: Diploma in Technical Education in Germany.

1979-86: St. Joseph Technical School, Nagpur.

1987-90: Principal, Fransalian Technical Institute, Aurangabad.

1991-93: Priest in charge, St. John Evangelist Church, Cidco, Aurangabad.

1994-98: Administrator, St. Joseph Technical School, Nagpur.

1997-98: Superior of the Technical Community.

1999-2005: Novice Master of the newly started Novitiate of Nagpur Province, Varanasi.

2006-13: Assistant Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Church, Bhusawal.

24th September 2016: Celebrated his Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee at Nagpur.

2014-19: Mermier Sadan.


Fr. Micky was a spiritual man, very human in his approach and very hospitable in nature. He was very hard working, punctual and was always ready to be at the service of the Congregation and people. Lack of experience never deterred him from assuming new responsibilities. His contribution to the establishment of St. John the Evangelist Church, Aurangabad is well known to all. He was the first novice master when Nagpur Province started the Novitiate in Varanasi. His love for football and his exploits on the football field is a known fact. He had special love for the poor. As a technical person he spent most of his life to impart technical skills to the students both at Nagpur and Aurangabad. The decision of the Provincial Administration to draw the curtains on St. Joseph Technical School, Nagpur brought him immense pain and even tears to his eyes. He was very fond of ice cream and chocolates and he would do anything to procure a chocolate even when he was bed-ridden. He was very creative and used to spend maximum time to make rosaries and religious articles. He also wrote many religious skits, dramas, inspiring talks and conducted motivational classes. Last year he made beautiful stars for all the members of Mermier Sadan and gifted it to them for Christmas. He had been keeping indifferent health for the last six months and he bore the pain and suffering without much complaint except occasionally yelling ‘Mummy’. He lived his religious life cheerfully and kept nothing for himself. He loved life in mission just like our Founder. He joyfully welcomed the difficult periods of religious life and inspired the novices by sharing the same with them. He also regularly prayed for vocations. He treated all confreres with love and affection.


On 22nd November at 3.00 pm, our Superior General Rev. Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil presided over the Requiem Eucharist which was also concelebrated by thirty priests and attended by many religious, friends and well-wishers of Fr. Mickey. His mortal remains were then taken to the cemetery at Seminary Hills and laid to rest.

Fr. Provincial thanked the Mermier Sadan community, especially the local superior Fr. Emmanuel for taking loving care of Fr. Mickey during his illness. He also acknowledged the caring service rendered by Mrs. Jessy and the Fransalian communities of Nagpur for assisting whenever their services were needed. He also thanked the Provincialate community and its superior, Fr. William Anthony for making necessary arrangements for the funeral.


Let us thank the Lord for the gift of Fr. Mickey to the Church, the Congregation and the Province and for all that he did for the people of God. Let us offer this wonderful confrere of ours to the Lord and pray that God out of the fullness of His love and compassion may grant him eternal life in His Kingdom.

09 Nov 2019

Diaconate in Mozambique

9th November 2019, the progressive mission of Mozambique added another feather in the history of Mozambique Delegation as it joyfully welcomed the newly ordained deacons, Bro. Linus, Bro. Moises and Bro. Poomagan. The order of diaconate took place in St. John the Evangelist Church, Malhangalene, during the solemn Eucharistic Banquet which was presided over by Rt. Rev. Francisco Chimoio, the Archbishop of Maputo, in the presence of 30 priests, many religious and faithful. In his homily, the Archbishop exhorted the newly ordained deacons to be honest, prudent, zealous, enthusiastic, punctual, devout and sincere in exercising their pastoral ministry. He reminded the faithful that the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few and so to pray for the newly ordained deacons and all the priests that they may be faithful and fruitful in their ministry.


Besides all the MSFS confreres of Mozambique Delegation, our ever ready and helpful benefactors, well-wishers and friends, the Vice-Provincial of the Vincentians, the Regional Superior of the SVD and the Minister of Work and Social Security were also present for the liturgy. We also expressed gratefulness to God as we got our first deacon from Mozambique. Fr. Henry, the Delegation Superior, on behalf of the MSFS and Bro. Linus, on behalf of the newly-ordained deacons, thanked the gathering for having graced the occasion with their presence. The celebration ended with all joyfully participating in the agape. Bro. Amit Baa MSFS

28 Oct 2019

The Annual Province Retreat

The Annual Province Retreat October 2019 was animated by Fr. Jacob Parappally MSFS. Titled; ‘Centring on Christ and Becoming Human’, the days of the retreat were grace filled moments to be with the Lord. Imbued by the exhortation of our Heavenly Patron that “I am nothing if not human,” all the reflections shared by the preacher were based on the passage from Rom 12: 2-18. In fact, he invited everyone to waste our time in the presence of the Lord so that we may be transformed and thus be able to transform the world.


Fr. Jacob made it very clear that the renewal of our mind is the first step towards transformation. When one has the right thoughts in the mind one can develop the right feelings and thus it results in right actions. Therefore, what is expected from each one is to change the perspective with which one approaches one’s life. While

 clearly distinguishing between the Core identity which is Christophony or aham-Christasmi and Role identity as assigned by our superiors, he stated that our role identity in the mission must fulfill our core identity by reflecting the Christic character. The very core identity of each exhorts us to become more Christo centric. The role identity invites us to pro-active by breaking all the shackles of conditioning, such as genetic, social, psychological, etc. and thus become more humane in our encounter with others. Discovering the direction of our self, particularly articulating the personal mission statement, and growing from dependence to independence and finally to inter-dependence are the major hurdles in becoming Christo centric in today’s world.


Having been created in the image and likeness of the Trinity, we are by our very nature communitarian and we are expected to imitate the Fatherly dimension of transcendence, the Son dimension of transparency and the Spirit dimension of immanence. Such interiorization of Trinitarian dimensions enables us to encounter God and thus transform our lives. Recognizing the Spirit within us in the depth of inner silence, one can also experience the absence of God in one’s life and the realization of such absence gives us the realization of presence of God, just as St. John finds the presence of the Risen Jesus in His absence at the empty tomb. God through sacraments and prayer invites all of us, to have an encounter with Him and to let our lives become a God experience for the other. Similarly, prayer must be an openness, spontaneity or candidness, which ultimately lets us to grow from formality to a personal intimacy with God. The preacher concluded the retreat exhorting all to engage in an Apostolic Adventurism with proper discernment, to become more relevant in the context of Indian society.


Fr. Jacob with his expertise in Christology and with the natural ability to present matters in his most convincing and interesting style kept every participant of this retreat alert and awake. With specific themes for each day’s talks and time for adoration made the days of prayers and reflections more devotional and meaningful. At the end time was given to the participants to clarify their theological confusions and doubts. I pray that as envisaged, all the participants of this retreat may centre themselves on Christ to become more human and thus be more effective ministers of Christ in one’s own respective apostolate.  Fr. Anson Abraham MSFS

21 Oct 2019

Inauguration and Blessing of New School Building at Banjhi, Kandor.

An educational institution in Kandor mission, Jharkhand was a long cherished dream of the Nagpur Province. The people of this place too had the same dream. 21st  October 2019 was a joyful and memorable day in the history of Kandor mission. At 10.30 a.m. we began the Inauguration Ceremony with Holy Mass. Sr. Anupa Kiro FCC welcomed all the guests. Holy Mass was presided over by Rt. Rev. Julius Marandi, the Bishop of Dumka Diocese. Bishop Julius in his introduction appreciated the fast developing work being done by the MSFS in Kandor Mission and he thanked especially the Provincial and Fr. Francis V. MSFS, who came all the way from Germany to be present for this event. The Bishop also said that as the number of students is increasing every year a new school building was very much needed. This school will definitely provide the best education to the underprivileged children and help especially the Santhal children to have a bright future.


Then the school building was inaugurated by Fr. Provincial. He cut the ribbon at main entrance of the school and unveiled the plaque.  The ceremonial lamp was lit by Bishop Julius, Fr. Provincial, Fr. Francis V. and the other invited guests. The ground floor was blessed by Bishop Julius and the first floor by Fr. Francis V. in the presence of students, staff, religious, priests and the faithful. This was followed by a cultural program. The school community then welcomed the special   guest by presenting them with a rose flower. The entire program was well organized by the teachers and students.


Fr, Kamil Tete proposed the vote of thanks and honoured all the guests by presenting them with a shawl. The architect Mr. Parag Date, the contractor Mr. Amit Patre, and Mr. Neetin Zanwar BPO of Borio Block, Jharkhand were specially honoured. The Kandor Community acknowledged, appreciated and expressed sincere gratitude to God, to the Provincial Administration and especially to Fr. Francis, Mrs. Martina Kamp and all the parishioners of Pinzberg Germany who financially supported us to build the new school building. Fr. Kamil Tete MSFS