Education Forum

  • 1. Fr. Anthony A (Convenor)
  • 2. Fr. Shijumon M (Secretary)
  • 3. Fr. Peter Dominic
  • 4. Fr. Manoj Tirkey
  • 5. Fr. Amal Bandanadam
  • 6. Fr. Joseph Kalekattil
  • 7. Fr. Deepak Kindo
  • 8. Fr. Anil George
  • 9. Bro. Ambrose Minj
  • 10. Fr. Peter Kujur
  • 11. Fr. VinsentMinz
  • 12. Fr. Ramesh Damala
  • 13. Bro. John Parkhe
  • 14. Bro. Michael Toppo
  • 15. Fr. Johnson Parikappally
  • 16. Fr. Christu Raj
  • 17. Fr. MelroyAlmedia
  • 18. Fr. Bosco P
  • 19. Fr. IgnathiKshirsagar
  • 20. Fr. Henry Peter
  • 21. Fr. Jnanamani
  • 22. Fr. Vishwas Torne
  • 23. Fr. Gijo Francis
  • 24. Fr. Albin Joseph
  • 25. Fr. I Yesudass
  • 26. Fr. Melky
  • 27. Fr. Ranjith Lakra
  • 28. Fr. Rajesh Jayaseelan
  • 29. Fr. Domy
  • 30. Fr. Alphonse Arockiaswamy
  • 31. Fr. Anson Kaliyath
  • 32. Fr. Simplicho Rocha

The Education Forum meeting was held on 13th and 14th February 2018 at the MSFS Provincialate, Nagpur. It began with words of welcome by Fr. Shijumon, lighting of the lamp by Fr. George P. [GCIC] Fr. Provincial, Fr. Anthony[PCIC], Fr. Joseph Koovely [SAB], and Fr. Melroy. This was followed by a reading from the Bible and the singing of a bhajan. The dignitaries were welcomed with flower bouquets. The resource person Fr. Joseph Koovely was introduced by Fr. Isaac.


I) Raising the Standard of our Schools to meet Global Quality: A Psychological Perspective.

1) Curriculum Focused Leadership: need to have an enriched curriculum, with equal attention given to academics, co-curricular activities and spiritual growth of the students.

2) Healthy Environment: need to create a supportive climate for the staff so that they contribute to the progress of the school.

3) Emphasis of Learning, Safety and Security: need to have remedial classes, team teaching, counselling to improve the quality of learning. Need to take care of the safety and security of the students.

4) Monitoring Performance: need to continuously monitor the work of the teachers and progress of the students.

5) Continuous Staff Development: need to invest on input sessions and update programs.

6) Parental and Community Involvement: need to constantly relate to parents and the community by regular interaction

7) Prayer: need to pray daily for the school.

II) POCSO: Fr. Joseph shared the important and relevant points of the law, as well as some real-life issues, and how to handle them. It is the responsibility of the Management to protect a child from harassment and violence.

In the afternoon session Fr. Isaac through a PPT shared about the Cause of our Founder Fr. Peter Mermier. The evening session was animated by Fr. George. Late Fr. Sayu was remembered and appreciated for his great contribution to the forum. Fr. George then presented the statistics of Fransalian Educational Institutions. He insisted that all our schools must implement the education policies of the Province, Congregation, CBCI and the state. The new Fransalian Education Policy Guidelines 2018-19, will be released at the Regional Seminar. All schools should have Friends of Fransalians who will become bearers of the Fransalian Vision and Mission. He highlighted the importance of three thrusts: Spiritual, Community and MSFSness, the first day concluded with Holy Eucharist presided over by Fr. Muthuswamy.


The day began with morning prayer and the Holy Eucharist presided over by Fr. George. In the first session heads of fifteen schools presented their reports of the year’s activities through PPTs. Fr. Amaladoss shared the directives of the FEF to be followed in all our institutions:

1) Display Salesian thoughts in prominent places.

2) Implement Financial Accountability System for Transparency [FAST].

3) Begin Alumni Association.

4) Display Vision and Mission statement.

5) Put to good use our infrastructure after school hours.

6) Install CCTV, PAS and Fire Safety equipment.

7) Print profile of Fransalian Principal, Teacher and Student in the school diary.

8) Implement Provincial Congress action plan. Members were told to attend the Regional Forum Seminar to be held at Hyderabad and to send articles for Edu Times.

Fr. Provincial shared the following points:

A. One day seminar for Managers and Principals will be organized on tips to deal with school related problems and other important matters.

B. Improve the quality of the school by paying attention to academics: reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and co-curricular activities.

C. Principal should encourage team work; dialogue with staff and parents; be available to all.

D. Working in schools is very challenging. Need to find amicable solutions; right approach to people and problems will be of great help.

E. Schools should have and keep safe all legal documents. Minority Certificate should be obtained as early as possible.

F. Immediate action will be taken to improve the standard of our Chota-Nagpur Schools.

Fr. Provincial shared the following points:

A. All members are invited to attend the Regional Seminar.

B. All schools should have Minority Certificate.

C. All schools should send a copy of their school magazine to the General Councillor’s office for record purpose, 2017-18 is the ‘Year of Education’.

D. Schools should send a consolidated report of activities with photographs,all new schools should have the name of SFS.

E. The contribution from schools will be used for expenses of Education Seminar, Edu Times, Regional Forum Meetings, Website, Directory of Schools, etc.

F. Strengthening of our spiritual life will give meaning to and sustain our education apostolate.They suggested to organize update programs and financial management courses for office administrators.

The vote of thanks was given by Fr. Arun P.